Should have gone to Florida!

Our neighbor Jim Gowing picked this week to visit Peases Point. It was a toss up between heading south to Florida or north to Mattapoisett. Jim – it could be time to flip that coin again! Anyway, he sent me a few pics of today’s Northeasta – enjoy… Continue reading Should have gone to Florida!

What is it like to live in Mattapoisett?

This story popped up last fall and while some of you may have seen it, I thought is a good idea to capture it here since sometimes things on disappear after a while.

Here is the original link…

What is it like to live in Mattapoisett?

Munro Park
Shipyard Park and the gazebo overlooking the harbor and town wharf. Photos by Robert E. Klein for the Boston Globe

When Hurricane Bob hit New England in 1991, a number of homes in the coastal town of Mattapoisett were damaged or destroyed. Electricity on Barbara Gaspar’s street was knocked out for more than a week. But rather than turn inward, Gaspar remembers, the neighbors bonded. ’’Every meal was a potluck,’’ she said. Continue reading “What is it like to live in Mattapoisett?”

Happy Birthday Lori!

On Thursday yet another dear Point resident turned 90. Yesterday Lori Crooks’ family hosted a party and invited everyone at Peases Point.  My mother Hilda is 94 and Jean Whalen (who was  at the party) told me she was 93.  Beyond these three, I’m guessing we probably have more nonagenarians at the Point, but that’ll be our secret.  Speaking of secrets, what’s the secret to … Continue reading Happy Birthday Lori!