Pee Pond Gone!

In case you haven’t noticed, Susan, Daisy, and I have been back since April 18. As is our usual routine, we walk across the beach to Connett with Daisy in the spring until the NO DOGS ON THE BEACH Statute kicks in. If you made way by the Pee Pond this spring, you know that the little creek was more like a river. In fact, … Continue reading Pee Pond Gone!

Follow My Buzzards Bay!

Hi Folks,

As I’ve been out walking Daisy, a number of you have commented on how much you’re enjoying my latest project My Buzzards Bay.

Technically speaking, it’s Lifestyle Travel Blog. Personally, it’s my way of paying it forward to the awesome body of water we’re blessed to live upon.

Probably the most valuable information is the Dock and Dine page. Since I bought the first Boston Whaler in 2000, I have been on a quest to build an arsenal of great spots to take my friends for lunch by boat. Besides fishing, isn’t this why we bought our boats in the first place?

The Dock and Dine┬ápage is where you’ll find my favorite hang-outs for lunch. I also do reviews of seaside eateries, gunkholes, and more!

How To Follow My Buzzards Bay?

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The King Tide – Eye Candy Alert

Around 9:00 AM this morning, I looked out and to my amazement, both Whale Rock and the Jetty were gone! They hadn’t been abducted, but rather, buried by what I have come to learn was the King Tide.

From WCVB in Boston…

‘King tide’ likely to cause minor coastal flooding

The highest high tides of the year, known as the king tide, will arrive around Memorial Day weekend, bringing the threat for minor coastal flooding on several occasions. Continue reading “The King Tide – Eye Candy Alert”

The Legend of Mattapoisett’s Ghost Road!

Courtesy Andrew Lake/

Thanks to Roz Pierce for posting this link on Facebook. After a quick search, it appears that our beloved Mattapoisett is also the home of one the most notorious ghost roads in America — who knew?

It’s called Wolf Island Road and it’s on the Northwest edge of town running from Long Plain Road to North Street on the other side of 195.

The story below has a few theories behind the ghost sightings, but here’s one from another cite on the Internet:

Mattapoisett, Massachusetts

The Ellis-Bolles Cemetery is located on Wolf Island Road, a desolate stretch of mostly unpaved road that runs through the backwoods of Mattapoisett. Named after the Ellis and Bolles families who reside in a majority of the graves here, the cemetery is said to be an old Wampanoag burial site that was consecrated as a Christian burial ground in 1872. Continue reading “The Legend of Mattapoisett’s Ghost Road!”