A New Tradition – The Annual Reunion

I know, I know, I’m not writing much on peasespoint.com these days…

The truth is I’m quite busy writing on my other blog – My Buzzards Bay. Susan and I are also away on the water a lot and not really in touch with what’s going on at the Point. And then there’s the fact that not much happens at Peases Point to write about!

That is until last Saturday…


Barbara Musser and Jane Howard had hosted a small Peases Point Reunion in 2018 and decided to take to Facebook to expand it for 2019.

The plan was simple enough; come one, come all to The Cove at 11:00 AM on Saturday August 24 and bring food, drink, or both.

I’m pleased to report a couple of dozen veterans of The Point showed up including many I hadn’t seen in decades.

I really love these sort of things at Peases Point. I hope it sticks as an annual tradition and if so, I’ll promote the 2020 version on this site – God willing!

Nate Bryant. Jane Howard, Steve Gowing, Marilyn Gowing, and Charlie Howard
Tom and Jay Whalen
Chris Bryant, Liz Keith, Chris Pleim, and Tom Reis
Mark Horne, Dave Horne, and Susan Horne
Tom Reis and Jane Pear
Dave Horne and Jane Howard
Marge Reis
IMG_0701 (1)
Chris Pleim and Nate Bryant
Chris Bryant and Jay Whalen
Nate Bryant, Barbara Musser, and Steve Gowing
Jean Whalen and Tom Reis
Chris Pleim
The Group Photo

Thanks to Jane and Barbara for organizing this and thanks to Barbara for many of these photos…



One thought on “A New Tradition – The Annual Reunion

  1. Thanks so much, Dave, for sharing all of these pictures. We watched most of these Pease’s Pointers grow up. It is great to see them now. Plus it is just nice to keep up with the goings on at the “Point”. Thanks again.

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