Happy Birthday Lori!

Last night PJ and Audrey hosted their annual BBQ at the pier.

It was a wonderful evening (as always) with everyone bringing a dish to complement the Beaudoin’s burgers and dogs.

Much to everyone’s delight, someone had made a 91st birthday cake for Lori Crook and everyone sang to her.

In case you didn’t know, Lori’s secret to longevity is her afternoon walk to Aucoot Road followed by a sunset cocktail with the gang at The Cove.

We should all hope for such good health!

Happy Birthday Lori!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lori!

  1. Thank you, David, for the great pictures. Indeed it was a wonderful night !
    Thank you to PJ and Audrey, and happy birthday to Laurie Crook. We Enjoyed the evening!
    Dick and Pat Kallio

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures, Dave. We are sending a belated very Happy Birthday to Lori. We see everyone had a great time celebrating at the Pier. Barbara and John Schrader

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