Happy Birthday Lori!

On Thursday yet another dear Point resident turned 90. Yesterday Lori Crooks’ family hosted a party and invited everyone at Peases Point. 

My mother Hilda is 94 and Jean Whalen (who was  at the party) told me she was 93. 

Susan and Jean

Beyond these three, I’m guessing we probably have more nonagenarians at the Point, but that’ll be our secret. 

Speaking of secrets, what’s the secret to all these Peases Point residents living past 90? 

In Lori’s case, I’m guessing it’s the 5:00 O’clock Cove Cocktail Group she’s in. Every day at 4:00 I see Lori and her girlfriends making the 2 1/2 mile trek down Hollywood’s Road warming up for cocktail hour. 

Happy Birthday!

​ By the way, the food and conversation were also great. 

Here are a few of the photos I snapped…

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lori!

  1. Wish my mother, Jean MacKay was part of this crowd still! 56 years…not long enough!
    You are all SO truly blessed to have such long and happy lives, enjoying Peases and your friends and families!
    God bless and many more birthdays to you all! Everyone looks great, nice to see familiar faces again.
    Kris MacKay

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