The Legend of Mattapoisett’s Ghost Road!

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Thanks to Roz Pierce for posting this link on Facebook. After a quick search, it appears that our beloved Mattapoisett is also the home of one the most notorious ghost roads in America — who knew?

It’s called Wolf Island Road and it’s on the Northwest edge of town running from Long Plain Road to North Street on the other side of 195.

The story below has a few theories behind the ghost sightings, but here’s one from another cite on the Internet:

Mattapoisett, Massachusetts

The Ellis-Bolles Cemetery is located on Wolf Island Road, a desolate stretch of mostly unpaved road that runs through the backwoods of Mattapoisett. Named after the Ellis and Bolles families who reside in a majority of the graves here, the cemetery is said to be an old Wampanoag burial site that was consecrated as a Christian burial ground in 1872. The area played a role during King Philip’s War, with both sides of the conflict using the heavily wooded area to hide out and stage ambushes. Local legend has it that during one of these ambushes a large group of captured prisoners were executed and strung up from the trees around where the cemetery now resides (its not known which side was on the receiving end of the rope).

Over the years locals have reported sightings of spectral bodies hanging by their necks from the trees behind the stone wall at the back of the cemetery. Sometimes its a single body, but more often its a group of up to a half-dozen shadowy figures seen swinging from the branches. There are also reports of a phantom woodsman who lurks the surrounding area with an axe in hand, a glowing gravestone, and a woman in white who walks the cemetery grounds.

Stay Away From Massachusetts Most Haunted Street After Dark Or You May Be Sorry

We’ve already covered one of the most haunted roads in Massachusetts, but this place takes creepiness to a new level.

There’s something about driving down a dark, secluded country road that will always make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Maybe it’s the eerie sounds coming from the shadows on the edge of the forest, or perhaps it’s knowing that you’re utterly alone….hopefully. Either way, if spooky drives aren’t your thing, you’ll definitely want to avoid this haunted Massachusetts road.

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